For the everyone's safety, do not allow anyone to play around or on the lawn greetings display.

Please do not lean on, sit, or playing on the display. 

We ask that you treat the sign display with respect.  Please do not move any of the items.
Please do not throw any sign displays in the trash, or vandalize our signs.  If you dislike parts of the display, please notify us and do not remove anything, as you are still responsible for anything that is ruined. These items remain a part of our property and business.

Protect our items from any damage that might be caused due to dogs, lawnmowers, water trimmers, etc. 

Please do not pull the signs out from the ground.
Please do not attach balloons to any part of the display. 

If you have a lawn care crew coming, please arrange for them to come before we set up.


Say It On The Lawn and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set-up or removal of any rental.

We encourage you to pose next to the display to take photographs of your celebration. With that being said, please be respectful of all Say It On The Lawn displays.